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What does Sat Nam mean?

By infocityzen, Sep 24 2014 07:59PM

I was taught 'true identity' or 'true name', though having meditated on it I prefer 'true being'. Here's why:

Sat is a precision. The sound itself has a definite edge as it stops suddenly with the 't'. Truth can have that kind of precision when it is like the sword that divides or discerns (i.e. true from untrue).

Nam has a vibration (mmmmm) which continues. Although the literal translation in English might be 'name', in English the word 'name' is often used much like the word 'label'. Something that is attached to something else. With 'Nam' the 'naming' is more like 'equating'. Not a random label but the thing itself.

We can go further in our exploration. Nam is not an equivalence in the sense of a definition. It has no sharpness like 'Sat' that divides or defines. It is a continuum, a being. Nam goes on being itself.

So I like to think of Sat Nam (especially as an accompaniment to the continuous flow of inhale Sat /exhale Nam) as Truth Being or Being Truth. Or True Being or Being True.

Sat Nam (like inhale/exhale) is also complete in the way Yin/Yang is complete. The polarities define each other, create each other and flow into each other. Ultimately the true Sat is the Nam, at the true Nam has to be Sat. If something is really true in this way it will not crumble and fade away. If something is continuous it can only be true.

Therefore True Being or Being True is the True Self and is both outside of time and beyond definition.

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