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Perhaps love is not always enough

By infocityzen, Jul 30 2013 03:20PM

I was at a lovely event last weekend with a lady from USA who claimed to channel Babaji (the deathless yogi mentioned in Yogananda's book Autobiography....). She was very convincing and very lovely. She comes from a Bhakti tradition (love, love love). Her lineage is here if anybody wants to check it out I have every reason to believe it is genuine.

Anyway, the reason she came to mind is that during that day someone said to me, 'all we need to do is love'.

Whilst on one level I totally agree with this. On another level, love without wisdom or knowledge is just as blind as hate (although a lot preferable and more pleasant!).

I'll give you an example. Today I found a pigeon which had been badly injured. It was obvious that the bird was not going to survive. I felt lots of compassion, lots of love for it. I picked it up gently and chanted and prayed over it. But I had no idea, for all my heart's outpouring, whether it would be better to hasten its end, or let nature take its course. I didn't even know if it was suffering or so out of the body it was beyond suffering. Assuming it was suffering, I didn't even know if it was important that the pigeon go through the whole experience, die in its own time, in order to pay off its karma. Perhaps if I took it to the vet to be put down or killed it there and then, the pigeon would die with only part of the karmic bill paid and need to come back and do it all again. However strongly I felt, I had no idea what was best for the pigeon. It’s very easy to say, go into your heat and the answer will be there. But when I did, I found nothing there to guide me in terms of choosing. In the end I decided that the best I could do, was to make sure that I was in touch with my heart, my compassion, whilst I did whatever I was to do (walk away or put it out of its misery). Then I chose.

But I still don’t know if I chose right.

That is why in Esoteric Buddhism we try to simultaneously grow 3 qualities, Love (right intention), Courage (ability to act), and Wisdom (right choices). Of course, this is not to knock the Bhakti path. Open the heart and (I believe) wisdom will follow. It just might not follow immediately. As my grandfather used to say, ‘the road to Hell is paved with good intentions’.

Love is blind without Wisdom. Wisdom is cold without love.

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