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By infocityzen, Jan 24 2015 06:01PM

After a lot of soul searching following the death of my lovely Dad, I have decided to focus my energies on what matters to me most, and as far as I can, drop everything else.

As such CityZen Yoga and Meditation studio is becoming a Hanmi Meditation Centre. In other words we are going to specialise in one particular style of meditation rather than being a centre which has classes in different forms and styles.

So what is Hanmi meditation and why, out of many forms of yoga and meditation, is it the one closest to my heart?

Why Hanmi:

I exclusively practice this form of meditation because it really works and the benefits can be quickly experienced. And because I was blessed to learn it from someone who had truly mastered it and so could perfectly teach it.


Hanmi meditation uses a combination of visualisations, comfortable sitting postures and special sounds (mantras). They are blended in such a way that the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts. Because we engage simultaneously the body, and the centres in the brain (or mind) for speech/sound and sight/symbols, pretty much all of us is present in the meditation. As such most people find the practise particularly accessible and quickly feel the difference.


Hanmi meditation comes from ancient China and is a blend of the 'hidden' or 'mystic' teachings of Buddha with Taoism and Confucianism.

My teacher, Chinese Zen and Hanmi Buddhist Master Dechan Jueren, started teaching this form of meditation publicly for the first time in over 1000yrs, opening up the 'mystery school' to any one who wanted to learn how to change their lives, no matter what background or beliefs they had.

In other words there is no need to become 'Buddhist' to learn how to meditate this way.

Meditation times for January at CityZen:

Every Tues at 7.15pm

Usually 2nd last Sat at 10.00am, but check website for dates

Each session is about 1 hr. Suggested donation (any amount accepted) is £5-10.

I hope to see you soon.

Wishing you every happiness and blessing for 2015,


07811 459 229

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