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Charities and worthwhile courses

We try and support various groups and causes along the way.  Sharing freely and feeling a part of something larger than ourselves (the universe, the world, our environment, community, family etc.) are some of the keys to happiness.  Giving is also a blessing for the giver.  Here are some of the kinds of projects that a portion of any money we make from CityZen activites will end up at.  One of our criteria for choosing is that most of any money we send goes directly into providing the service (to the best of our knoweldge.)

Maitreya Heart Shrine Relic Tour

Mission Statement


To bring the blessings of the Relics and the experience of loving kindness to as many people around the world as possible by creating inspiring events, encouraging respect and genuine openness resulting in widespread happiness and the conditions for world peace.


Core Message


That loving kindness resides in every person’s heart and is the basis for respect, peace and happiness both individually and globally. The Tour evokes a personal experience of that pure quality of loving kindness resulting in happiness and peace.



Project Hope

Relief, Restoration and Rehabilitation for Survivors of India's Natural Disasters.


Led by Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, President of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh and Founder of Ganga Action Parivar, our Project Hope team has been working continuously since the first day after the tragic Uttarakhand floods of June 2013, when the rivers rose higher than they had in over 100 years. The sight of families searching desperately for their loved ones, the knowledge that so many thousands are living without bare necessities, the memory of the thousands who have perished – these propel us to continue and expand our services day by day.


Project Hope works not only to relieve the immediate needs of those caught in disasters (rescue, food, shelter, medical, psychological), but to rebuild homes and communities and lay solid foundations for future wellbeing and prosperity.  




Guru Ram Das Project

Guru Ram Das Project (GRDP) is a London based charity dedicated to serving everyone in the community through delivering a range of holistic services to people and groups who are in need of this type of support – whatever their faith or background.


Our work includes the practice of Kundalini Yoga & meditation, the provision of complementary healthcare, developing an attitude of service towards others, encouraging high standards of personal conduct and building a sense of community.


The GRDP delivers its outreach work, community events, educational and inter faith work to encourage harmony between and amongst communities through its inspired team of staff and pool of over 100 volunteers.



European Buddhist Hanmi Association

20% of any money collected from teaching Hanmi (Chinese Esoteric) meditation practices, goes back into supporting spreading these teachings out in the world.  The EBHA is a registered charity to do just this.  The aims of the charity are to preserve and teach meditation techniques of the Hanmi lineage in order to help all living beings.  We are not evangelical in the sense that we want or need everyone to become Buddhist.  We simply have knowledge and techniques that can help with health, happiness, prosperity and personal and spiritual growth and we want to share them.  EBHA does not have a website but is registered at the address of the Dari Rulai Fa Yin Temple in Chelmsford, Essex.



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